vi. [REST] but not really

Hello hello hello! We’re on a lil break, but we’re not on a lil break. It’s break-ception.

That was bad and I’m sorry.

This post is gonna be really basic and I apologize for that, too, but we’ll be back on track next week with our regularly scheduled shenanigans.

Last week we survived me giving a presentation that, real talk, didn’t actually turn out that bad. Twas a nice conversation where I mostly knew what I was talking about. Absolutely. Definitely.

Anyway. Our mission for this week is to basically showcase some of the highlights of Equity Unbound and the #unboundeq tag on Twitter.

Truth be told, I haven’t perused much of the Equity Unbound site, but I think I know my way around it pretty well. Or I’d like to think so, at least. I hope to participate more on the site in upcoming weeks.

One post I saw among the site members’ blogposts that intrigued me was dogtrax‘s “Locating Yourself: The Internet Mapping Project,” where dogtrax’s sixth graders portrayed their relationships to the internet. It’s interesting seeing how in-tune with social media these kids are. Thinking back, I barely used YouTube when I was their age. Nowadays, there’s so much more to do on the internet, and while that’s great for learning about the rest of the world, it makes it more dangerous for kids. But that’s a whole other argument.

Maybe in an upcoming post I’ll map my own relationship to the internet. That’d be…… enlightening. If I did end up doing it, BAM HERE’S A LINK. If not, that’s just capitalized and italicized for no reason and looks a little silly.

Issokay, though. In due time. Maybe.

I also came across Dr. (Dr.? Professor? I apologize if I picked wrong.) Maha Bali’s post regarding her students’ ideas for their own choose-your-own-adventure digital narrative games. She linked to all the students’ posts with their ideas and, looking through them, there are a lot of cool ideas here. I love choice-based games and would be thrilled to see all these ideas grow into legit games. I’d play em.

Plus I have to, at some point, start creating my own little hypertext narrative for my Electronic Literature class. I talked about it a bit here, but hopefully I’ll be fleshing that idea out soon. As I type this right now I’m brainstorming the changes I want to make to that idea already. But! I have like 4 other things going on, so! Let’s! Just take on one thing at a time!!!!!!

Moving on. I took a look through the unboundeq hashtag, there’s a mass amount of posts about the Mozilla Festival taking place in London, which our professor has been participating in. The more I see, the more I kinda wanna get in on it. Open internet? Web accessibility for all? I’m there.

One post that got my attention was:


“Value each other’s ideas.” “Be inclusive and help new perspectives be heard.” “Be open to learning from others.”

Yes. I love this. I love all of this. Those are the kind of guidelines that should be at any kind of… (what’s the word……….. I’ll go with event for now.) event where discussions are being held. Like, important discussions.

I feel like these guidelines are in place in our class, when we have our discussions. It’s good, to put it simply. Better than a lot of other places, I can assure you of that.

Yeah, it’s good.

Think I’m gonna cap it here for today. Have a lovely week, everyone!



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